Our Approach

At Flamborough Health Clinic, we employ a proven three-part approach to help you reduce or eliminate your pain: Remove, Relieve, and Rebuild.

  1. The first key is removing your pain trigger. If you don’t eliminate what is causing your pain, everything else you do will give temporary relief at best.
  2. The second key is relieving your pain. Once the pain trigger has been removed or reduced, the treatments we provide to reduce your pain will be much more effective.
  3. The third key is rebuilding your spine. To avoid future pain, you need to ensure your spine is strong enough to withstand the demands you place on it daily. After your pain is gone and your spine is resilient enough, we’ll teach you how to keep your spine healthy and pain-free.

Removing your pain trigger:

Think of hitting your thumb with a hammer. The first step to reducing the pain is to stop hitting your thumb with the hammer.

The same is true of most pain. The most important thing you can do to alleviate your pain is to remove the pain triggers that are creating or exacerbating it. We will help you to determine what your pain triggers are and show you how to avoid them. Usually that involves modifying or avoiding various postures, movements, or loads. We will also show you various tissue-sparing techniques, so that you can perform your daily activities in safe and non-aggravating ways.

Relieving your pain:

Once you stop hitting your thumb with the hammer, using ice or pain medications to relieve the pain will be more effective.

Likewise, once you stop aggravating your pain, the various proven techniques that we use to relieve your pain will be much more effective. We use a combination of passive treatments, including PulStar MIT, and active treatments, including postures of relief and exercise therapy.

Rebuilding your spine:

Pain and injury lead to a variety of changes which increase your risk of future pain and injury. These changes include changes in communication between your brain and your body, changes in muscle coordination, and changes in the health of your spine and muscles. Therefore, to reduce your risk of future pain and injury and to enable you to engage in your daily activities pain-free, it is important to ‘rebuild’ your spine. This is most commonly done through various forms of exercise therapy.

Our understanding of pain and injury is key to helping you reduce or eliminate your pain. We invite you to book an appointment today!