Headaches can make it difficult to function. They can make your head throb and at times make you nauseous. We can help you to live life without them – or at least, with fewer of them.

Headaches are the third most common complaint we treat at Flamborough Health Clinic. In fact, an estimated 50% of people will experience a headache this year.

The three main types of headaches that we treat are:

  • Cervicogenic headaches (cervicogenic means produced by your neck)
  • Tension-type headaches
  • Migraine headaches

Understanding Pain Triggers

At Flamborough Health Clinic, we’ll show you what your pain trigger is and how to avoid it to evade headache pain. For example, if you continuously hit your thumb with a hammer, it will never start feeling better. Similarly, if you keep adopting the postures and moving in ways that cause your headaches, you will keep experiencing headaches.

We’ll educate you using spine–sparing training (see Techniques) and show you how to perform your daily activities to best avoid your pain trigger.

Headache Treatments

At Flamborough Health Clinic, we’ll provide treatments that will decrease your headaches and also show you what you can do yourself to relieve pain. We most commonly use PulStar MIT for passive treatments, along with other techniques. For active treatments, we will show you postures or movements that you can use during your day to relieve your pain.

“Rebuilding” Your Neck

Most of the time, people with headaches have associated neck muscle and joint dysfunction resulting in suboptimal communication between your body and your brain. Therefore, to successfully alleviate your headaches, we have to minimize or reverse these changes.

We use PulStar MIT to improve the communication between your body and your brain and improve your muscle coordination. Exercise therapy can improve the communication between your body and your brain, as well. It can also improve your muscle coordination and help to keep your neck healthy and strong.

A headache sufferer himself, Dr. Wilbrink has first-hand experience in how it affects your life and how it can be successfully managed.

Our treatments are proven in helping our patients reduce or eliminate headaches. We invite you to book an appointment today!