The McGill Method is a comprehensive approach designed to not just treat, but understand and eliminate the root causes of your discomfort. Here’s what sets this proven method of back pain management apart:

Root Cause Resolution

Back pain is not random; it always has an underlying cause. A trained McGill Method practitioner will work to identify the root cause of your back pain. Assessing your pain mechanism is the first key to working towards pain-free activity.



Just like how a stubbed toe heals when you stop stubbing it, your back can find relief when you identify and avoid its stressors. Essentially, the McGill Method will guide you in recognizing how you’re “stubbing” your back and teach you effective ways to prevent it.



A pain-free back isn’t just about relief today; it’s about ensuring a pain-free future. The McGill Method focuses on strengthening your back, making it resilient against future episodes of pain, and providing a foundation for pain-free living.

Can The McGill Method Help You?

If you are looking for an effective solution to your back pain and are serious about being an active participant in your recovery, the McGill method is for you. The McGill Method has helped thousands of people find relief from their back pain, often after unsuccessfully trying many other types of therapy, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, or even orthopedic or neurosurgery.

People from all walks of life, including professional athletes, have had their lives transformed by the McGill Method.

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What to Expect During Your McGill Method Consultation

You can expect to receive the most thorough consultation you have ever had for your back pain. Your consultation and treatment will be divided into three parts, usually spread across separate visits:

1. Initial Consultation: This first session takes about 2 hours. During this time, Dr. Jared will delve into your back pain history, from what triggers it to the treatments you’ve tried. He’ll conduct a thorough examination, probing your back and evaluating your postures and movements. Any existing imaging (such as X-rays or MRIs) will also be reviewed.

At the end, you’ll receive a detailed diagnosis, an explanation of your specific pain triggers, and a written summary of what was discovered during the consultation.

2. Follow-Up Visits: The initial follow-up visit typically lasts approximately 1 hour. During this visit, you’ll be guided through safe, pain-free postures and movement patterns to help you steer clear of your pain triggers during your daily activities. You’ll achieve a clear understanding of how to manage your pain in everyday life along with a written summary of these techniques to refer to later.

3. Exercise Coaching Sessions: The final phase of your treatment program focuses on building strength and resilience in your back. You’ll receive a personalized rehabilitation program tailored to your pain type, anatomy, and fitness level, and will learn exercises and movements to restore your back’s resilience safely and effectively.

By the end of this 3-part consultation, you will know what your specific pain triggers are, how to avoid them, and how to restore your back’s resilience. As such, you will have a clear way forward on how to resolve your back pain. Future visits may be needed to solidify some of the postures and movement patterns or to progress your exercises.

Who Developed the McGill Method?

The McGill Method was developed by Dr. Stuart McGill, a world-renowned spine expert who spent over 30 years at the University of Waterloo researching back pain.

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