Overcome Your Back Pain

Get back to living without back pain dominating your life.

Even when nothing else helped, thousands of people have overcome their back pain by the approach we use.

Dr. Wilbrink did a great job of assessing my back pain and coaching me through effective strategies toward eliminating it. His approach is thorough and he was able to think outside the box to adjust my rehab program to my unique challenges. He would be my first suggestion for anyone with back pain, I have consulted with other practitioners over the years but none have been as effective as Dr. Wilbrink.

Peter T

I highly recommend the chiropractic care that Dr. Jared Wilbrink gives. He not only provides chiropractic care to help you heal when you have pain but he also gives lots of helpful advice on how to move, bend, sleep, stand, sit at a desk etc. to prevent further injuries and keep your body feeling pain free and healthy! He is very compassionate and understanding. The staff at Flambourough Health Clinic are very friendly and welcoming! Visit the clinic and you will not be disappointed.

Alison P

Common Conditions Helped

  • Disc Bulges

  • Disc Herniations

  • Sciatica

  • Degenerative Disc Disease

  • Stenosis

  • SI (sacroiliac) Joint Dysfunction

  • Facet Joint Dysfunction

  • Spondylolisthesis

What You Will Receive

  • A precise diagnosis so that you know what is causing your back pain

    • An understanding of your unique pain-triggers
    • An understanding of the relationship between your symptoms and your spinal imaging (if applicable)
  • A personalized recovery plan so you know how to overcome your back pain

    • Positions of comfort to relieve your pain
    • Pain-free postures and movements to avoid your pain triggers
    • A specific exercise program tailored to your back
    • An understanding of how you can avoid back pain in the future

How It Works:

The key to successfully overcoming back pain is to address and alleviate the cause. If the cause is addressed and alleviated, the pain will resolve. However, if the cause is not addressed, it does not matter what is done to address the pain, the best outcome that can be expected is temporary pain relief.

It is very likely that the reason you still have back pain is because nothing you have done has addressed and removed the cause of your pain.

Our approach to helping you overcome your back pain centers around addressing and alleviating the cause of your pain. It involves the following three components:

1. Finding the Cause: A Thorough And Personalized Assessment

The cause of your back pain will be identified through an assessment that includes an in-depth conversation with you about your back pain and an examination that involves an assortment of various posture and movement-based tests to probe the structures of your back. Any imaging studies you have of your back (eg. x-rays, CT scans, MRIs) may also be viewed to aid in determining the specific cause of your pain. The assessment is typically about 2 hours in length.

2. Removing the Cause: Patient-Specific Posture and Movement Modifications

Based on the assessment findings, you will receive guidance on posture, movement and activity modifications to remove the cause of your back pain. This will reduce the strain on your back during your daily activities and work tasks, which will allow the pain to decrease and the sensitized tissues to rest and heal.

3. Rebuilding Your Spine: Individualized Spinal Rehabilitation

Patient-specific spinal rehabilitation exercises, tailored to your condition and needs, will be prescribed. These exercises will help to increase the robustness of your low back and build a foundation for pain-free activity.

The number of follow-up appointments needed varies from person to person. Each follow-up appointment is typically 1/2 an hour to 1 hour in length.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Jared has been described as a good listener, who quickly sets people at ease with his friendly and compassionate demeanor. He is a chiropractor and one of only a few clinicians in Ontario to have attained McGill Method Certification.

He has been able to successfully help a wide variety of patients overcome their chronic back pain, even when nothing else has worked. He looks forward to helping you overcome your back pain also, so that you can return to living your life without it being dominated by back pain.

Flamborough Health Clinic

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