Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic?2019-04-24T20:21:14-04:00

Chiropractic is a non-invasive health care discipline that involves the use of various forms of manual therapy (eg. adjustments, soft tissue therapy), exercise therapy, and lifestyle advice to treat various health conditions.

Is chiropractic manipulation/adjusting a safe procedure?2019-04-24T20:22:22-04:00

Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a drug-free, non-invasive therapy. It is a very low-risk procedure and complications are rare. The most common complication is a temporary (1-2 days or less) increase in pain.

Do PulStar MIT adjustments hurt?2019-04-24T20:23:38-04:00

No, usually not. In fact, when children get adjusted, the siblings often argue about who gets to go first.

Is chiropractic evidence-based?2019-05-03T17:56:59-04:00

Absolutely, the field of chiropractic is evidence-based. More and more research is being published which supports chiropractic. Dr. Wilbrink strives to practice in a way that is concurrent with the current literature.

What conditions do you treat at Flamborough Health Clinic?2019-05-03T17:50:43-04:00

The vast majority of conditions we treat are related to bodily aches and pains or loss of physical abilities. Most commonly we treat patients with back pain, neck pain, and headaches. We also treat various forms of arm (shoulder, elbow, wrist) or leg (hip, knee, ankle, foot) pain. On occasion, people have also reported that the care they have received at our clinic has had a positive effect on things other than aches and pains, such as better sleep, fewer ear infections, reduced bedwetting, and happier babies.

What results can I expect from treatment?2019-05-03T17:55:19-04:00

Positive ones. Although we can’t guarantee anything, most of the time patients find their treatments to be beneficial.

One very important factor in determining what benefit you receive from treatment is your commitment. The more committed you are to doing the things we prescribe, the greater the chances are that you will have a positive result.

Does treatment at Flamborough Health Clinic require a referral from a family physician?2019-04-24T20:26:56-04:00

No. Since chiropractors are primary contact health professionals, you do not need a referral from your family physician to visit our clinic.

Do insurance plans cover chiropractic?2019-04-24T20:28:04-04:00

Yes, the majority of Extended Health Benefit insurance plans cover chiropractic care. You will have to check with your insurance company regarding the particulars of your coverage. We do not directly bill insurance companies on your behalf, but we would be happy to assist you with your individual insurance forms if necessary. We will provide you with a statement, which you may submit to your insurance company in order to receive reimbursement.

Is chiropractic care ongoing?2019-04-24T20:28:48-04:00

It depends on the patient, their diagnosis, and their goals. Many people choose to have periodic check-ups once their condition has improved, as they find that regular care keeps them feeling better and reduces the frequency of their flare-ups. For others with ongoing concerns, regular care seems to be the best way to manage their condition. For many others, once their condition has improved, they are discharged from care and encouraged to return should they ever require chiropractic therapy in the future.

Do you treat children?2019-04-24T20:29:28-04:00

Yes, when a child has a health concern which can be managed by chiropractic care, we will gladly treat them.

Is every patient’s treatment the same?2019-04-24T20:30:08-04:00

Not at all. Each patient receives treatments and training that are specific to them and their complaint.

Do you accept MVA or WSIB cases?2019-04-24T20:30:44-04:00

Yes. For WSIB cases, we directly bill the WSIB. For MVA cases, the billing process is more involved. If you don’t have extended health benefits, then we bill directly to your insurance company. If you do have extended health benefits, then you are responsible for billing your extended health benefits insurance company, and we will bill your insurance company for anything over and above what your extended health benefits cover.

Are x-rays required for care at Flamborough Health Clinic?2019-04-24T20:31:30-04:00

In most cases, x-rays are not required. However, if they are required, you will be referred to an external independent x-ray facility.

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