At Flamborough Health Clinic, we are passionate about what we do and are not satisfied until we have helped you eliminate or manage your pain.

Our goal is to allow every patient to once again engage in and enjoy their daily activities.

“I came to Dr. Wilbrink because I had back and leg problems. Having gone to chiropractors for years, I was impressed with his calm, considerate and sensitive manner. His technique however was a first for me. Expecting the usual cracking of the bones, he used a more modern technology which was really thorough and helped him to discern where the problem(s) really were. I am so very thankful for this because since having received the treatments, I no longer have any major problems…either in my back or in my legs. I highly recommend Dr. Wilbrink.”

Margaret D.

“After years of intermittent back pain, I have never been so pain-free as during the last three and a half years of visits under Dr. Jared’s care. Highly recommended!!”

Catherine W.

“Dr. Wilbrink has a passion to better understand the underlying causes of pain. He thoughtfully considers my discomfort and pain, then performs first-rate chiropractic care using targeted, effective and safe treatment methods. If you are looking for a chiropractor that genuinely cares about you and your pain, call Dr. Wilbrink!”

John P.

“Very thankful for Flamborough Health Clinic and their excellent staff!”

Henny B.

“For many years I had 1-2 migraines every month, but not anymore. Soon after becoming a patient at Flamborough Health Clinic my migraines became less frequent, and I have now been migraine free for over a year. Thanks Dr. Jared!”

Frances B.

“I came to FHC with chronic tendinitis in my knee. After working in and out of the clinic for several months, my knee is almost 100% back to normal. Receiving a scary diagnosis like Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) made me think I would live with chronic pain forever. However, now I am able to run at my original intensity and continue horseback riding – two things that PFPS had kept me from doing. Coming up with solutions for pain and healing instead of just putting me on a maintenance schedule like other chiropractors makes me respect and appreciate Dr. Wilbrink. I highly recommend him to everyone.”

Ashley V.

“My 8 month old son was a very poor sleeper often waking 5-6 times per night and also had 3 back-2-back ear infections. I hoped to find a more permanent solution to all the strong meds prescribed by doctors. After the first visit to FHC, there was already huge improvements in sleeping (13 hrs straight :)). It has continued after only a few short visits – and also no ear infections. The staff and Jared are so kind and accommodating. I definitely recommend!”

Deanna H.